Star Wars Battlefront II: Makes Galatic War Really Fun

This game is really fun. The new levels are just plain great. Even the improvements to the old levels improved gameplay, wheather you’re playing against the CPU or other players. Also the ability to play on XBOX live makes this sequel uncomparable to the first Battlefront game.

The ability to become a hero like Han Solo or Chewbaca, as well as jedi like Luke Skywaker or Obi-wan Kenobi makes Star Wars Battlefronts 2 my favorite Star Wars game. Jedi not your style? Play as a villian like Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and more. Play as whatever type of infentry as you please on either side of the wars on ever planet in the movies plus a few more. Also the two timelines of the game would make a Star Wars fan proud of this game. Imagine choosing to play on Kashyyyk on conquest as a Republic sharpshooter.

You run up the slope of the overgrown mountains of the Wookie homeland. You run across the wookie defense barrier and climb into a concussion cannon turret and fire at an incoming stap. The stap is obliterated, but an armored tank comes from around a defense building. It turns and aims at you. Rather than turning into a fireball, you jump out and take cover just in time. The tank damages the turret and a wookie warrior runs over to help repair it. You crouch and slowly peer around a corner and look for a target.

You find an assault droid in the open. You take careful aim and fire, but he moves out of the way, getting hit in the leg, damaging him, rather than a headshot. You see your screen turn red, as you feel your control shake from being shot. You turn around running, pull out a thermal detanator and throw it at your assailant. The thermal detonator hits the deck and bounces to the feet of Jango Fett. He jumps off the building and activates his jetpack then aims at you. You switch to a blaster pistol and hit him in the head. He falls the distance to the ground, his body limp.

Turning back to the battle, you run back down the slope of the mountain to fight in more close combat. Running arouind a group of rocks, you descover an abandoned tank and hop in. Rolling across the expanse to the enemies base, you take on a tank but your own tank dosn’t have enough sheilding to protect you. One good shot from the other tank and you’re dead. You try to jump out, but it’s too late.

Maybe your not ready for the life of a hero. Maybe you should try being a stormtrooper instead. Who knows, maybe you’d get to kill Luke Skywalker. Overall if i had to give this game a rating on a scale of one to ten, I would give it an 11 an then some. Totally worth it.

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