Fable: Zelda with a Kick

Like all Role Playing Games (RPG’s), Fable has its own uniqueness. It has major similarities to Zelda as well as Morrowind, yet it is a game all its own. If you loved Zelda, you’re bound to love Fable. It’s almost like Zelda with a kick.

You start out as a young boy in a village. Right away you do missions to gain experience as well as gold, and then as expected, something bad happens and you are taken away to someplace else to grow up and learn the warrior ways.

You will end up in a guild and soon after you have mastered all of your training and graduated from there, your guild master will have missions for you to complete. This is where you will gain your strength, will, and fighting experience. After graduation you will be traveling through Albion which is full of angry, horrid beasts that are just out to kill you. Traveling through Albion couldn’t be easier. The guild has constructed a means of transportation for you that regular citizens can’t posses; teleportation.

Throughout the game you will gain experience points after each enemy you kill or lesson you learn. Within Fable, these points are gained by doing the previous, but you have to absorb the experience orbs that appear after such a feat. If you fail to collect them you will lose valuable experience points.

You also can gain strength experience points. The strength experience points indicate that you have gained more strength. These are accumulated with your melee or mana weapons.

Skill points can also be gained. You can accumulate these by using your bow and arrow in combat.

Will points are gained by using your magic to defeat enemies.

Throughout the game you will collect gold. The gold can be used to purchase much better weapons to defeat your foes or to bribe others within the game.

Reputation is everything in Fable. You can chose to follow the good or evil side of things. Every choice you make can ultimately affect your appearance and alignment of whether you will be good, evil, or somewhere in the middle. For example, if you go through the game and kill innocent villagers or guards you hero will soon begin to grow horns upon his head.

If you save villagers and kill off any horrid beast that may be out to harm them, you will soon have a friendly demeanor and your eyes may begin to appear lighter in color. Everything you do within this game will affect how others perceive you. They will either respect you or fear you. The choice is yours. Just remember that word travels of your ventures very quickly in Albion, so make your choices wisely.

Along with your choices affecting your appearance, your hero can have is own unique appearance along with Tattoos, hair cuts, and clothing. As you walk around your being to tan if you’re in the sun for long periods of time and vice versa if you aren’t.

The graphic ability in this game is very superb. One tiny problem I have with the game is that you can’t go anywhere you want. For example, say you want to run up a hill; well you can’t unless there is a reason for it. There’s no jumping over a fence or just exploring pointless areas of the game for fun. But that is just something tiny on my part that sort of bugs me about this game.

Basically the game play is very similar to any RPG game. You have your block, run, attack, shield, and zoom buttons for your default mode and for your magic mode you have your cast spells and cycle through spells. Plus you have your cycle through melee weapons, inventory, missions, etc. On the screen there will always be your health and mana meters as well.

All in all this is a great game. I give it a 9/10 on my game rating system.

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