How to Take Videos off PSP Games

If you play PlayStation games on regular basis, then you must also know that there are a number of PSP game-play videos available on internet. Some of them have low quality, which are taken using easier method, which is recording the videos using a camera. On the contrary, you will find some of them in high quality, and appear as if they are taken directly from PSP. In reality, they are taken directly from PSP, by connecting the game with computer. If you also want your gaming skills to be shared on Youtube or you want to teach playing skills to gamers, then you can just record the game which you are playing and upload.


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    To connect and record game-play videos from PSP, you will need a video capture card. Purchase it from the market and insert the installation disk in your computer. Run the installation file, if it does not load automatically. Follow the instructions and install the software in your computer.

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    Now connect the video capture card with your computer, by attaching your device’s USB cable with the unused USB port in your computer.

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    You can now connect your PSP with the video capture card, in the same way you connect it with your computer or television. Make sure you connect both the audio and video sections.

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    Now, you will have to use Windows Live Movie Maker in your computer, in a bid to record videos from your PSP. To open Windows Live Movie Maker, open the “Start” menu and write “Windows Live Movie Maker” in the search box. The search results will appear in the menu. Click on the program icon to run it.

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    Open the Movie Maker’s menu by clicking at the arrow located at the top left of the screen. From the menu, select “Import from Device”, which will open the import wizard on your screen.

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    Select the video capture card which you installed and click the “Import” button. You will now have to follow the on-screen instructions, to configure the video capture session. When you will be done with the configurations, you will see the exact preview of your game being ran on your PSP.

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    To start recording, click the “Import” button. In order to end the recording, just click the “Stop” button and click “Finish”, to save the game-play video on your computer hard disk.

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