How to Do the Fence Glitch on Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil is media franchise. It is currently owned by Capcom; a video game company. The first release of Resident Evil was launched in 1996. Since then, numerous different versions were developed and launched. Over the years, the Resident Evil franchise expanded to a series of comic books and feature films. If you are a Resident Evil 4 fan and love playing the game on your PC, PS or laptop, there are certain things which can come in handy. One of these things is to be able to do the fence glitch.


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    You will need to kill all the mutated people that you come across in the first bit of the game. After that has been accomplished, make your way to the village section where the barn is located. Keep an eye out for any surprises while you are on your way to the desired section of the village.

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    In the barn, you will come across the Ganados. Make sure that you kill all of them because they may pose a problem for you later on. Once all the Ganados in the barn have been taken care of, search for a fence which should be located further down your way, close to the barn. This is where you will need to do the Ditman glitch.

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    In order to do the Ditman glitch, equip yourself with a Striker shotgun. Aim the shotgun and enter the inventory. Keep in mind that you must enter the inventory before the laser sight of the Striker shotgun appears. Once inside the inventory, equip yourself with any other item instead of Striker shotgun and then exit the inventory. When the game resumes, your character will be able to perform all actions 1.5 times faster than normal.

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    Make your way to the end of the fence. At this point, start moving back gradually. Continue to move back until the words ‘Jump over’ appear on the screen.

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    Make your character jump over the fence. Once that has been accomplished, your Resident Evil 4 character would be out of the normal bit. This makes your character exit the village and it will be on the outside. You have successfully performed the Fence glitch in Resident Evil 4.

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