Call of Duty Tactical Weapons – Effectively Using Shock Charges

When used properly, the shock charge is a tactical weapon that can lengthen a players life and lead to more enemy kills. When used the wrong way, shock charges can complicate game play and lead to ones own demise.

New players to the Call of Duty platform tend to make two very avoidable mistakes when using shock charges. The first of these mistakes is attempting to throw a shock charge directly at the enemy. Most times, the shock charge will not strike the enemy and now they’ve been given the time needed to take aim. While throwing the shock charge, instead of just shooting the enemy, a player will often find themselves under fire.

The second common mistake most noobs make is positioning their shock charges too close to their shooting location, using them as a protection mechanism. When placed in close proximity to the player, often times they will shock themselves accidentally, or be shocked when the enemy runs into their charge because the player is standing within the blast radius.

Although, this second approach is on the right path.

The most effective use of shock charges is to place them a good distance away from a players location, preferably in an area that must be traveled by enemies if they want to reach the player. Now when an enemy runs into the shock charge, the player will immediately be notified of the enemy’s location and can get into position to ambush the approaching threat.

Using shock charges as a tactical weapon is a great choice, but it’s time to step up and use them intelligently. This approach will not only help players avoid being killed, but it will also lead to more kills and longer kill streaks.

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