Sony PSP, or Play Station Portable

Sony describes it’s new PlayStation Portable as “Entertainment without boundaries.”

Take a closer look at this portable gaming system, and you see that Sony is onto something big, indeed. The PSP combines a diverse range of game titles in UMD (Universal Media Disc) format with it’s ability to play movies and mp3s, and to display image files. All of this during a ride on the subway, a flight to grandma’s, or stretched out on a lawn chair in your back yard.

There was a time when portable gaming systems like the Nintendo Game Boy, Sega Game Gear, and NeoGeo Pocket, were the natural progressions of their home-bound game consoles. The Sony PSP is the next step into new and exciting mobile territories that combine sharp game-play and impressive graphics, with movies, digital audio files, and wireless internet capabilities. The PSP is the evolution of portable gaming.

The first thing you notice about the Sony PSP is it’s absolutely delicious screen. It is not only large, but sharp, and impressively so. How long have gamers longed for a portable system with a screen big enough to truly suck the player into the game?

Well, this wish has been granted. The PSP’s 480 x 272 pixel screen, displaying 16.77 million colors, has a crispness and depth that is unmatched. The screen is a treat for the eyes, and makes for great game graphics, and equally awesome cinema.

With game titles like Twisted Metal: Head-On, Wipeout Pure, NBA, Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Remix, Need for Speed Underground Rivals, and FIFA Soccer, there’s something for everyone. Other titles scheduled to make their debut on the PSP include: Grand Theft Auto, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, The Punisher, and Frogger: Helmet Havoc.

Only on this system can you bruise your thumbs playing Spider-Man 2, then lay back, relax, and watch Spider-Man 2: The Movie. Also, check out Kill Bill Vol. 1, Hellboy – Director’s Cut, or Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Look for these upcoming titles in the near future: The Punisher, National Treasure, Terminator 2, and Open Water.

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