How to Play Bridge of Sighs

English guitarist and song-writer Robin Trower released his second solo album Bridge of Sighs in 1974. The album stayed in the US Charts for 31 weeks, reaching No. 7 at one point.

While all eight tracks from the album made quite an impact, the title track Bridge of Sighs was the most popular track of them all. Even today, guitar enthusiasts learn to play the track to pay a tribute to what is still considered among the best solos in the history of music.

Learning to play Bridge of Sighs requires a great deal of effort and serious commitment, especially if you do not possess the guitar playing skills yet.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to learn to play a guitar. You can obviously skip this step if you are already good with the instrument. However, if you recently became interested in it, there is a very good chance that you will have to put in a lot of effort to learn it. Look for a guitar school in your area and get yourself registered there. Remember to purchase a guitar first though. There is no need to spend big money on your first guitar though. Just go for something that is decent enough. Avoid purchasing a guitar of poor quality as well, since it will keep you from learning the instrument.

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    Once you have bought a guitar and registered yourself in a guitar school, make sure you attend the classes regularly. Learning anything new requires a serious commitment. You cannot expect yourself to learn the guitar overnight, so remain patient. Remember to pay special attention to the lessons relating to reading guitar tabs. Do not try to look for short-cuts, as that will maim the learning process. Take it slow and steady. Do not lose hope if you do not see any apparent difference in your guitar playing skills in a week or two. Keep trying hard and it will not be long before you start noticing the difference

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    After you have learnt the basics of playing a guitar and are able to play a few simple melodies, you can start focusing on learning to play Bridge of Sighs. Listen to the music as often as you can to get a proper feel of it.

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    Use the Internet to search for the guitar tabs of the music. You can use the Google search engine to search for the guitar tabs.

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    Get a print of the guitar tabs so that you do not have to keep sitting in front of the computer screen while learning to play Bridge of Sighs. The print-out of the tabs for Bridge of Sighs will allow you to practice the music anywhere and anytime.

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    Practice as often as you can. It will take some time, but you will eventually be able to play Bridge of Sighs like a real pro.

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