XBOX 1 VS PlayStation 4? Consider the Ouya Instead!

What is an Ouya?
Ouya, pronounced ooyah, is an entirely new type of gaming system. It consists of a small “box” (2.95-inches, weighing only 11 ounces). It is an HD gaming console using the Android 4.0 operating system and has a Quad-core CPU inside. The included controller is a well-known, 16 button game controller and has a touchpad for more functions. Additional controllers can be added for multiple player game options, and controllers from other gaming platforms can also be connected for compatible games. The console connects directly to the TV with an included HDMI connector. The console initially comes with over 100 games, many apps, and the ability to surf the internet. A few of the entertainment apps are VEVO, iheartradio, TuneIn, SBMC and Plex for video watching.

Initial Cost
Big name gaming consoles cost hundreds. The new XBOX 1 is available for preorder at $499 and the PlayStation 4 at $399. That equals a large percentage of many Christmas budgets! The Ouya sells for $99 and includes over 100 games pre-loaded. The cost is low because HALO is not available on this platform, nor that level of graphics. What you are going to find is a lot of games in a small package, very reasonably priced.

The Low Cost Of New Games
The beautiful thing about Ouya: all games have a free to play aspect. They are either completely free, have a free trial, or a small cost to purchase upgrades, levels or other in-game items. No more $40-$50 expense for every new game! Very easy on the budget. Over 100 games are pre-loaded on the console; there are now over 500 games available from the integrated game store. A credit card on file is needed to make new game purchases, which cost around $5. No more monthly subscription fees here either.

More Game Information
Some of the OUYA game publishers include well known game makers, such as Sega, with three Sonic the Hedgehog games here; Fox Digital Entertainment, which has AVP: Evolution; and Square Enix, with Final Fantasy III. There are also many game genres available: Retro, Shooters, Action-Adventure, RPG’s, etc.

Independent, or Indie, Developers
Another new idea in the Ouya – anyone can make games and publish them on the Ouya platform. The software development kit is free and there’s no fee to publish a game. So if you know a budding game developer, this is a perfect chance for them to try out some of their ideas and share them with the world.

Main Competitors
The main competitors in this micro console race include the Gamestick (developed by PlayJam, it’s the size of a USB flash drive); Nvidia Shield (a new hand held platform); and Mojo (by Mad Catz, it connects directly to the Google Play online store).

More Information
For more information, such as technical specification and where to purchase, check out

Disclaimer: The only connection I have to this product is as a consumer. No freebies were sent to me, and I was not contacted by the makers of the OUYA to write this article.

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