Join the Dance Dance Revolution

Playstation envy. At some point every mother, girlfriend, and wife in America with a playstation in their home has experienced it. What they don’t realize is that the playstation that has brought them so much torment, can bring them too hours of enjoyment and help them with another one of life’s problemsâÂ?¦loosing weight

A new revolution is about to hit your playstation�Dance Dance Revolution.

Dance dance revolution, or DDR is a video game for the playstation, and Xbox that is designed to get its players off the couch and up and moving, or dancing rather.

The game has a dance pad that you connect to your video game system and use as the controller. To play the game you select a song from the games play list, and the level of difficulty you would like to play at. While the song plays arrows float up to the top of the screen indicating which arrow on your dance pad you should step on, and when. Seems easy enough right? The beginner levels of the game are pretty easy, but the game has four modes: beginner, Light, standard, and heavy. Even looking at the heavy mode can make you dizzy much less trying to play it.

For those trying to loose weight, or who just want to use their video game system as a home gym there’s a workout mode. The workout mode allows you to input your weight, and how many calories you would like to burn. You then play, and the game system keeps track of how many calories you burn each song, and even converts them into things such as how many miles you would have walked, or time you would have jumped rope to reach the same amount of calories.

One dance pad not enough? For the advance dance dance revolution player there is a mode of the game where you can play using two dance pads at once. You can also set the game up for versus play, so you can have an old fashioned dance off in your own home against your family. Dance dance revolution makes a great party game as well; you’d be surprised at how quickly your friends will flock to the game.

If your having trouble prying your special someone away from the television, try dance dance revolution. You may find something special of your own and it will be them trying to drag you away..

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