KitchenAid Architect Series Freestanding Electric Range

There are very few manufacturers that have enough skill to produce various products that all line up to an extremely high band of quality and luxury. And this is so true whenever we are discussing appliances, however, there is one company that has consistently delivered amazing quality products that are filled to the brim with state-of-the-art features, and luxury that is even evident down to the very buttons of the unit. And the company I am speaking of is Kitchenaid. For years, this brand has been punching out products that literally “wow” their users and onlookers. And this is definitely true when we discuss KitchenAid’s Architect Series. This series of appliances are both visually and technically astonishing. But how does the Electric Range stand up against all of the other appliances? Brilliantly enough, it is one of their most powerful appliances. That is why I have chosen to review this wonderful cooking machine.

The KitchenAid Architect Series II 30″ Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range in Stainless Steel is one of the industries most complex, yet most user-friendly ranges on the market today. When I worked in the appliance department of a national retailer, I would constantly see customers walk past this range and literally stop, stare, and touch. There was something about this particular range that just caught their eye visually. However, most visually stunning products only keep the attention of potential buyers for several minutes and then when the “wow” factor wears off, they move on. But, with this particular range, the “wow-ness” stays even past the visuals. This is due to the fact that the actual machine is so technologically advanced, individuals can’t believe their eyes and their ears when I start explaining what this electric range is capable of.

The range is all electronically controlled by the operational buttons on the front of the unit. Making it very easy for anyone to use. One of the coolest features about this range is that all of the controls are found at the very front of the unit, which makes reaching over pots with broiling water a thing of the past. When we move past the controls, you are greeted by a ceramic glass cook top that creates a sturdy surface to cook on. And since the cook top is made of ceramic glass, it distributes heat evenly, and the smoothness of the surface makes moving heavy pots easy and cleanup is literally just a wipe! There are four cook top elements that provide between 1000 and 2500 watts of power, which is perfect for any type of cooking that you will be performing.

The oven is absolutely massive, being 4.1 cubic feet, it is outfitted with three oven racks that are large enough to cook an entire meal with one session. The oven is outfitted with an Even-Heat true convection system that provides even heat throughout the oven for thoroughly cooked meals. The inside of your oven will never suffer with “hot” and “cold” spots. Another feature you will find in the oven is the EasyConvect conversion system, which allows you to program standard cooking times and temperatures, and it will automatically make the temperature conversion, which takes all of the guesswork out of cooking. Within the oven, there is an option that will just keep your food warm until it’s ready for be served, all without cooking your food any further. There is also a bread proofing mode, which allows bread to rise at the proper temperature.

One of the great features this oven offers its users is a warming drawer. This allows you to keep your food warm in one part of the range, while you are still able to cook more food in the oven – INGENIOUS! Now, let’s talk about the warranty. This product comes with a 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor. However, it comes with 5 years limited warranty on all parts, which include; electric elements, solid-state touch control system parts, rubber seal between ceramic cook top and porcelain edge, ceramic glass cook top, and surface unit elements. But remember, labor is only covered for a year. This electric range is absolutely beautiful – and with a price of nearly $1,700.00 than is better be. Although this unit is on the expensive side, it is definitely worth it. And if you are a chef, or wanna-be chef, than you will utterly fall in love with this range like I have!

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