PS2: Street Fighter Alfa Cheats and Hints

Unlock Hyper Street Fighter Zero and Secret ISM’s
1. Beat Street Fighter Zero, Street Fighter Zero 2, Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha and Pocket Fighter.
2. This gives you access to Arrange Zero 2, Arrange Zero 2 Alpha, and Arrange Zero 3; hold Select at the menu screen while picking the original games to access them.
3. Now beat these three games to unlock “Secret Game 4”, hold Select on Zero 1 at the Game Select menu to get Hyper Street Fighter Zero.

You’ll by default also unlock the new special Hyper Street Fighter Zero only ISM’s; to select them hold Start after picking Zero 3 and then press left over the desired corresponding Mode.

Secret ISM�´s:
Green (Vampire)
Blue (Street Fighter III)
Pink (Street Fighter 2 Dash)
Red (Versus Series)


SFA Anthology Secrets


Chun-Li’s Original Outfit in Street Fighter Alpha 2

At Player Select screen
Hold Start and move cursor over Chun-Li
Leave cursor on Chun-Li for 5 seconds
Press the following buttons for these colors
Any P: Blue All P: Green Any K: Pink All K: Black
Secret Stages in Street Fighter Alpha 2


Can only be done in 2 Player Mode

At Player Select screen
Either player press and hold Start
Move cursor to Sagat, leave it there for 5 seconds
Go to any character, release Start, and press any button

Do the same code as above but use Bison instead of Sagat

Play as Evil Ryu in Street Fighter Alpha 2

Go to Ryu and hold Start for 1 second
Then go to Adon, Akuma, Adon, and back to Ryu
Press and hold Start then press any button
Play as Akuma or Dan in Pocket Fighter
On the character select screen to choose Dan press right from Ken and to choose Akuma press left from Ryu.


View Credits For Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation:
To view the credits for Street Fighter Zero Fighters Generation, you must have all the games unlocked (even all arrange versions) including Hyper Street Fighter Zero.

To get to the credits staff roll, highlight Street Fighter Zero 1 from the main menu and press Select + any button you use to select it (the main buttons that confirms a menu choice) then once your in the choices for game modes at Hyper Street Fighter Zero go to Options, and hit the R1 button plus the confirmation button and you will see the staff roll (credits) for Hyper Street Fighter Zero.

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