Pikmin 2- Already a Classic

The original Pikmin combined a brilliant puzzle game with adorable beautiful graphics and characters. The premise was simple as you played captain Olimar, who is stranded on an alien planet and only has 30 days to recover all 30 of his spaceship parts before you loosing oxygen. To help succeed, Captain Olimar plants an raises minuscule creatures called Pikmin who perform tasks such as gathering his lost spaceships parts, attacking enemies, and lifting things around a huge garden.

In the sequel, Pikmin 2, Captain Olimar is again in a tight spot. The company he works for is seriously in debt and in need of money. Random items such as, batteries, bottle caps, as well as other odd items are worth a lot of money in Olimar’s world. Olimar heads out on an adventure to collect these items with the help of the Pikmin once again. This time these creatures are not stored in onions; they come from flowers found underground where you keep them stored.

All the Pikmin have the same abilities as the previous game. Red Pikmin, is fire resistant, and has powerful attacks. The blue can stand to be in water. The yellow can be thrown over high rock walls, carry bombs and now can withstand electrical shock.

Pikmin 2 creates two new Pikmin to command: purple and white. White Pikmin are smaller and faster. Their main strength is to withstand poison. They are able to resistant a poison gas attack, enabling them to take down poison gas dispensers. They can also save themselves by releasing a poison gas if eaten by an enemy, thereby saving themselves. Purple Pikmin are heavier and thicker, and ten times stronger. Their combat ability is even more excellent than the red. You can only find them in white and purple flowers. Throw five Pikmin into a flower and it’ll vanish sprouting more of the flower’s color. Both Pikmin are in limited supply so acquiring them is not easy. Be sure to watch over and use your white and purple Pikmin unique abilities wisely as you play.

The game play remains the same but with significant differences. Along with controlling captain Olimar and the pikmin, you have another character to control; the character named Louie. Louie adds a new element to the game, which is doing multiple tasks at once. Olimar, pikmin, and Louie can be controlled together or separately into groups. Two new sprays are included in the new game, Ultra-bitter spray and Ultra-spicy spray. It gives Olimar and Louie the power to power up Pikmin to petrify their enemies. The sprays are created by collecting ten berries or by drinking a drop of the berries nectar. The new game worlds are beautiful with harder bosses to fight and defeat for those who thought the first game too easy.

The graphics are as beautiful and highly detailed as the first. The water is no longer reflective, and the background textures do not have the same realistic polish as the first game, but it is still stunning. The sound is not as peaceful and calming as the first. It is more chaotic and can get on ones nerves after a while so you might want to lower the volume a bit as you play. Multi-player mode can let you play head to head with your friends or the computer. This new game has brilliant new features and lots of time-consuming, highly entertaining areas to explore. It is E for everyone with comic mischief and mild violence.

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