Play Moola, Win Cash, All for FREE!

If you love to play free online games and gamble, then you will love the new concept brought from Moola brings together the risk and excitement of gambling, with the fun of playing traditional 2-player games. The tier based website starts every single player with 1 penny. Players go head to head in simple strategy and chance games to double their money. Each time a player wins, he doubles his moola, but if you lose, you go back to the beginning. That’s right; you get another penny to start with! Win 30 times in a row and you win over 10.7 million dollarsâÂ?¦FOR FREE!

Sounds like a good deal right?

But whats the catch? There is none. The website uses companies like Dell, Orbitz, Chi-Chis, and Bengay pain reliever to receive its funding from advertisements. And from there it goes straight to you. Simply, before each match up the player must watch a 10-20 second advertisement and answer an easy question on the content of what they watched. After that it’s straight to the game. Currently Moola offers two games: Ro Sham Bo Fu also known as rock, paper, sciscors, and a game called Gold Rush where opponents try to tilt the scale of a balance beam and try to collect as many pounds of GoldâÂ?¦pretend gold that is. The more you play the better you get. Each game takes around 2-3 minutes to play, and is fun and exciting. As the stakes go up, the games get more intense, and the feeling is incredible. And if you lose, it’s not so bad. It was free in the first place anyways. Just think of yourself as a penny (or more) richer every time you lose. That’s because Moola offers bonuses ranging from 1 extra penny in addition to your free penny to as much as 65 cents or more. Since the computer system works on a randomized level it is virtually impossible to tell when the bonus will come. From personal experience, I have found to receive bonuses 25% of the time. And most of the time their more than I lost in the first place.

Currently, Moola has given away over $750,000 in free cash. In order to cash out, one must posses at least 10 dollars, meaning, you must only win 10 times in a row, and from then on your money will double exponentially. The only downside is you’ll be having too much fun winning free cash that you won’t want to stop. So go experience it yourself. Simply, log onto and start winning any time of the day. Because on someone’s always playing.

As a Moola player here are some tips
1. Play the Gold Rush game. It easier to play, takes a shorter amount of time, and is easy to learn strategy for
Strategies for Gold Rush

� Write down on a sheet of paper which numbers your opponent uses.

� Try to be the 1st one to get 32 pounds, because the total number of pounds will always add up to 63.

� When there is a high number on the board try playing your smallest number.

� Play some levels over again to acquire some insurance money just in case you lose.

� Greediness may not always pay off

I hope you have fun playing the new thing in free and legal online gaming!

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