Color My World

Color my world-

My 18 month old daughter can’t keep her eyesoff the small screen while watching her favorite Nick j r. I don’t need to beat my brains any more to keep her engaged when Dora the explorer is on air.
Thanks to the booming entertainment industry which has come a long way since Mickey mouse and donald duck ruled our homes.
Even big names (like pixar films) have joined the bandwagon givng some of the hit flicks as Finding Nemo,Toy story and Shrek only ravaging our senses to yelp for more.
Engineered with perfection of the animation gimmicks these characters almost make us stumble upon the fact that they’re unreal givng us a fair share ride of a piped dream.
Spotlight goodies like cameron Diaz (Shrek-Princess Foina) and Halle Berry (Robots) have pumped life into these these characters by emoting their voices on screen.
In the year 2004 the animation eye stormer The Increbiles wowed everyone with four oscars leaving others behind in the race for technical masterpiece.No wonder how lucky our kids can get when the entertainment fever shoots up cause now they can shufffle their choices.
And we just can’t wait for tommorow to be a much more riveting and larger than life experience for these kids to share, when these imaginary characters,I suppose, will be as real as wheezing in the same air as us.

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