Review of Swiffer Wet/Dry Sweeper

In my house, we have a lot of tiled and wooden floors. Dirt and dust tends to show up with more emphasis on these hard, flat surfaces as opposed to rugs. Therefore, it is necessary to stay on top of the cleaning situation. In the past, my family always turned to the good ol’ vacuum cleaner, but then we discovered the Swiffer Sweeper and have been using it ever since.

The Swiffer Sweeper is very simple in nature. All it’s composed of is a long 10 inch pole and a base. On the base, you attach either dry or wet cloths depending on the type of cleaning you plan to do.

The Swiffer Dry has made my life so much easier, because in the past, I always had to drag out the bulky vacuum when I needed to clean the floor. This caused me to slack off and not clean it as often as I probably should have. It was quite the hassle, but now that I have the Swiffer available to me, I clean the floors all the time and it only takes a couple minutes of my day. I literally just attach the cloth to the base of the sweeper and then Swiff away! It picks up all the hair, dirt, and dust on the floor in no time. Then I just throw the cloth out when I am all done.

I have also used the Swiffer Wet cloths which attach to the Swiffer in the same manner as the dry cloths. In this case, you dip the cloth in a soapy solution that they provide you with first and then attach it to the base. Just like the Swiffer Dry eliminates the need for a vacuum, the Swiffer Wet eliminates the need for a mop.

This product is easy to assemble and take apart. When assembled it is very skinny and does not take up much space at all. In fact, I just leave mine in the corner of my closet, but if you feel the need to disassemble it, all you need to do is unscrew the pole from the base. The pole also unscrews in half. This makes this product easily transportable as well!

This is one of the best purchases my family ever made. It has made keeping the house clean a much easier and quicker task, and it does a noticeably excellent job. I highly recommend it!

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