Bank Letter to Close an Account

Closing of your bank account is as systematic process as is opening it. It requires a proper request from you to your local bank branch manager to close your account for reasons you are required to explain in your request letter. It can be that you are moving to another place, or may be to another bank.

Make sure that your tone remains professional and formal throughout the letter. Keep everything concise and do not get into too much detail regarding unnecessary things.

Learn how to write a bank letter to close an account by going through our template and sample letters.

Tips to Write Bank Letter to Close an Account


  • 1

    Maintain a professional and formal tone
    Be concise and try to sum up all details
    Be mindful of grammatical and spelling mistakes

    Sample of Letter to Close an Account

    Ms Sara Joseph
    Manager City Road Branch
    ABC Banking Corporation
    3rd Avenue City Road
    London, United Kingdom
    EC1 8BF


  • 2

    Date: January 17, 2013

    Dear Ms Joseph
    I am a regular customer at your bank, and have been excellent level of services for last five years. I thank you and your staff for having taken so much care of my banking needs.


  • 3

    I would like to take this opportunity to bring into your knowledge that I am moving to Australia with my husband, and might not be here for about next five years. I therefore will not need your banking services while being away, and would like you to please close my account.


  • 4

    You may please adjust all the fee and any other charges i.e. including account closing fee if any from my balance and officially confirm closure of my account. If you could please reimburse me the balance in form of a cheque, which can post me at my address.

    I again thank for your service, and look forward to banking with you again in future.

    Kind regards

    Mitchel Johnson
    23 George Street
    Brick Line Road
    North London, UK
    NL4 5QH

  • 5

    Template of Letter to Close an Account

    Bank Br. Manager Name
    Branch Name
    Bank Name
    Bank Address Number
    Road or Street Name
    City, Country
    Postal Code

  • 6


    Dear Ms and Sir Name Branch Manager
    May I take this opportunity to thank you for taking care of my banking needs for over past five years through excellent level of services from your staff. I have been enjoying banking with you more than probably I have done at another institutions.

  • 7

    I would like to bring into your knowledge that I have planned to relocate to United States because of my job. I have been transferred to states and will be living in the country for next seven years. I will need any banking services from you institution and therefore would like to submit here in written a request for closure of my account.

    Would it be possible for you please to close my account at earliest possible and confirm me through an official communication at my address.

  • 8

    As far as I know I do not have any pending dues against any head, but you can still have right to adjust any amount against a charge under any head.

    I shall be grateful for your timely closure of my account as I will not be using it anymore. I look forward to hearing from you,

    Closing salutation

    Your signature

    Your Name
    Your Place Number
    Street or Road Name
    City, Country
    Postal Code

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