Chef Jobs in London

People in London now have developed very sophisticated palettes which increases the demand of the chefs that cook delicious of meals. Londoners now prefer to enter into a restaurant or a hotel which provides something more to their taste buds. In turn, the restaurants and hotels always welcome high quality chef. If you are the one wandering to find a chef job in London, there will be plenty of options available but you need to have a necessary qualification under your name. Just follow our step by step guide for chef jobs in London and you will on your way to finding the perfect place for yourself in the restaurant industry.


  • 1

    Prepare your resume

    First of all write your job winning resume which clearly indicates your qualifications, apprenticeships, experience and skills. Hi-light your achievements so that the reader without wasting time should go straight upon your undisputed skills.

  • 2

    Assemble documents

    Collect all your necessary documents, including certificates, degrees and experience letters at one place, properly place these documents in an interview folder so that you documents should be in a proper order.

  • 3

    Contact job placement agencies

    After you have prepared your resume and are ready to apply for a job. Contact Job placement agencies that specifically deal in Hotel and Restaurant industry. Here are some of the Job placement agencies that can help you find a chef job in London.

    SLM Recruitment Ltd

    Mise en Place

    Abbey Recruitment

  • 4

    Check chef job portals

    You can also check out online job portals that usually provide wide range of Chef Jobs. There are many sites on the internet that are dedicated only for the Chef jobs. Here is a list of top three chef jobs websites.

    (a) Visit Chef jobs Website

    (b) Visit Chef search Website

    (c) Visit Just chefs Website

  • 5

    Check hotel and restaurant Websites

    Almost each hotel and restaurant has a website where they advertise if there is any vacancy available. If you see any job opening on any of the website, just fill out the job application form and attach necessary documents if required. You will get a confirmation e-mail on the mail address you provided in the form. Here are few hotels and restaurants that may have job vacancy.

    Regency House Hotel

    London House Hotel

    Heathrow House Bed & Breakfast

  • 6

    Apply for a Job

    After you have decided about the job you wanted to apply for, drop your CV either by post or online submission. Remember to attach all necessary documents that have been asked by the employer.

  • 7

    Respond to Interview Calls

    Once you start applying you will receive interview calls. Start scheduling your interviews so that you have enough time to get to the employer and back. Make your time flexible to reach the interview spot on time.

  • 8

    Be prepared for Interview

    Be ready to appear in Interview. You may get an interview call directly from the employer or recruitment agency. In either case, prepare in advance for a type of questions that may be asked. You will have to keep yourself up to date about the industry and the type of restaurant you are going in for an interview.

  • 9

    Accepting Job and Signing Contract

    After the interview you may be offered the job. Once you accept the Job, read contract provided by the employer and sign it if you agree with the terms and conditions.

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