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The famous Royal Festival Hall is found right in the centre of Southbank Centre complex. This hall was constructed as a part of the Festival of Britain. It has 2,900 seats from where the audience can watch concerts, dances and talk shows. Royal Festival Hall was initially run by the Greater London Council, but after this council was abolished in 1986, it came under the Arts Council. The last major renovation that took place at Royal Festival Hall was during 2005 and 2007 due to which access point to the auditorium and other spaces in this hall were improved. Since its opening in 1951, Royal Festival Hall has hosted many concerts, dances and talk show therefore performing at this venue is not less than an honour for any artist in the world.

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    History of Royal Festival Hall:

    The Royal Festival Hall was first opened in 1951 in London to provide a platform to exhibit or portray different types of arts. The foundation of this hall was laid by the Prime Minister of that time, Clement Attlee in 1949. Later in 1964, this hall went through a major renovation and as a result of this refurbishment, dressing rooms, terraces and foyers were added. Changes were also made in the outlook of this building.

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    Things to do at Royal Festival Hall:

    Being a famous performance venue, The Royal Festival Hall offers a lot to its visitors. Below is the list of things which one can do at this renowned performance site in London:

    - Auditorium is used for organising various performances at Royal Festival Hall.

    - Several exhibitions and performances also take place in the Clore Ballroom of the Royal Festival Hall.

    - Southbank Centre Shop of Royal Festival Hall offers various products on sale.

    - There are some eating and drinking places as well in the Royal Festival Hall.

    - A library called Saison Poetry Library can also be found at the Royal Festival Hall.

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    How to Contact Royal Festival Hall:

    The Royal Festival Hall can be contacted if a person wants to gain information related to tickets or any other thing else on the phone number provided below. Those who are looking to buy tickets online should click here.

    Contact: +44 844 875 0073

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    Operational Hours of Royal Festival Hall:

    The Royal Festival Hall opens daily and the operational hours of this site are from 10:00 am till 11:00 pm.

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    Location of Royal Festival Hall:

    Royal Festival Hall, Lambeth, London Borough of Lambeth, London SE1, UK.

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    How to Get to Royal Festival Hall:

    By Tube

    Waterloo tube station is about 0.3 miles away from Royal Festival Hall, which makes it a walking journey of 5 minutes. If a commuter heads in the northeast course towards Cab Road from Waterloo tube station then, turns left onto Cab Road. This will bring the commuter to a right turn onto York Road/A3200, after which he or she will turn left towards York Road/A3200. Later, the commuter will turn right onto York Road/A3200, before turning left onto Concert Hall Approach, from where the destination can be spotted on the right side. Directions from Waterloo tube station to Royal Festival Hall.

    By Bus

    Waterloo (Stop T) is about 0.1 mile away from Royal Festival Hall and on foot, a person can bridge this gap in about 2 minutes. If the person heads out in northwest direction on Concert Hall Approach towards Belvedere Road from this bus stop, he/she will find the destination on the right side. Bus number 77 has a stop at Waterloo (Stop T). Directions from Waterloo (Stop T) to Royal Festival Hall.

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