Difference between Jargon and Slang

Grammar and rich vocabulary are the keys to learning any language. But in order to speak beautifully, it is not necessarily to get teaching classes for several months. Personal effort and desire to achieve the goal is more important.

Jargon is a social dialect and an expressive expression characteristic of a particular social group. Specific vocabulary jargon develops within the phonetic and grammatical system of a language.

Despite the fact that the use of jargon is considered as bad in many ways by a host of people, they are widely used and practiced in many occupations and organizations. Jargon in used when you want to concise, because it can be uttered quicker and can be written without a problem.

As a source of slang, vocabulary may make multiple languages ​​or dialects. For example, the specific jargon often forms when the communication is necessary between representatives of different nationalities – at ports and border of the particular states.

The main function of slang is to designate a person belonging to a particular community. However, it can be used in fiction for voice characteristics of the characters.

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    Jargons of different groups vary widely in the lexical set and established style. However, another feature of the jargon is its variability and the flexibility that some of the expressions can "roam" from one group to another. They can also acquire new meanings and transform phonetically over time.

    The very word "jargon" is derived from French language, is an adverb or dialect. Jargons have been formed not only by different kinds of specialists, but also representatives of various social groups i.e. from athletes to criminals. Jargon is called a single term, which is part of slang.

    It is believed that the purpose of the use of jargon is to hide the value of what has been said by the uninitiated. This is not the case if you want to find the value of any slang term on the Internet or in a special dictionary (but, again, not in the professional literature).The real purpose of the use of such words is only the desire to reduce the sentence.

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    Slang vocabulary is formed on the basis of the literary language by rethinking the values ​​of words, metaphor, and sound transformation. However, depending on the features of the group in which they are used, words take specific coloration.

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