Difference Between Shire and Council

In absence of a proper government system, there would be total chaos. There will be no rule of law and people will do whatever they feel like. Such times have passed during the various eras in the history of mankind where there was no government and anarchy ruled over various parts of the world. Only when people are organised can problems get resolved in a fair and just manner.

For these reasons, the system of governments was developed and it evolved over a period of time to come to its present form and shape. There have been many experiments along the way and most still do not have a uniform system in place but the ones generally found are pretty similar in nature with some basic differences.

One important aspect of the government systems that most have these days is the local governments which are present in most countries. They provide a chance with the locals of an area to come to terms with issues that they face and work for the betterment in a decentralised manner. This way the matters related to a certain area are solved inside that area by people that are familiar with the issues.

Shire and Councils are two types of local government’s structures that are found in some countries. They are very similar in nature and perform the important tasks of getting the local problems solved.

The main difference is the difference of the name between the two. Also, one will not be present if the other is in place.


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    The term is mostly used in England, Scotland and Australia. In Britain, the term was originally used for counties. However, in Australia, it is a local government structure which is in place in many areas.

    The shire members are elected by the people where the shire operates. The scope of work for the shire is within a specified area and they deal with everyday issues of the area that directly affect the residents.

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    It is also referred to as local council. These are elected bodies that look to run the affairs of a local area. Their scope is based on the basic functions and they can only take certain decisions regarding the town or the city which they represent.

    The power of making decisions of crucial nature or those that may be catered at the State or Federal level are outside the jurisdiction of a local council.

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