High School Science Fair Projects

If you are a high school student, then the science fair project is your golden opportunity to put all your skills on the show that you learned throughout the school year. You have lot of variations available in the field of science. You can conduct science fair project on any of the numerous fields of science.

Make sure to prepare a project that is simple BUT unique. There is no need to use expensive equipments as you can conduct your science fair project with the help of reasonably priced and easily available equipments. This step by step

This effortless guide of step by step contains some amazing and interesting High School Science Fair Projects. Simply scroll down and learn about the best science fair projects.


  • 1

    Create Double Color Flower using science

    The main purpose of this experiment is to create a double color flower. This simple experiment nicely explains the process of liquid transportation in the plants.

    Double Color Flower
  • 2

    Produce Static Electricity

    The purpose of conducting this simple to perform project is to find out how the static electricity is formed in human body.  At the end of this project, you will be able to make a distinction the current and static electricity.

    Static Electricity in our Body
  • 3

    Make a Fruit Battery Science Fair Project

    Citrus fruits like lime, oranges and lemons are exceptional conductors. However, they do not possess the ability to generate much energy on their own. However, you can generate some electricity by utilizing them in a series within a circuit. This unique experiment is designed to display how an electrical current can be produced with the help of citrus fruits, which are vigorous enough to power a small light bulb.

    Fruit Battery Science
  • 4

    Make a Water Gun Alarm Clock

    Time is an asset and this unique project will help you to make your own water gun alarm clock. If you are good in handing circuits, then it is very easy task for you to perform this amazing experiment.

    Gun Alaram Clock
  • 5

    Calculate Water & Concrete Strength

    If you have a knowhow of construction or building things, you will find this project a very interesting one. Do not worry as you don’t have to do digging or a large scale construction. This project is a matter of few minutes. It tells you the importance of the ratio and quantity of water and cement during construction.

    Calculate Water and Concrete Strength
  • 6

    Make a Simple Solar Water Heater

    With this simple project you can impress others by letting them know how to use the disposable bottle to conserve energy. It is a matter of few minutes and requires very few types of equipment.

    Solar Water Heater
  • 7

    Make Solar Hot Dog Cooker

    How you can take advantage of solar heat? Get an idea form this simple project and make a solar hot dog cooker in your science fair project.

    Solar Hotdog Cooker
  • 8

    Build a Mini Greenhouse for Science Fair Project

    Green house is the best way to protect your plants during winters. Conduct this simple experiment in your science fair project to let the people know about the importance of greenhouse in our life.

    Mini Green House
  • 9

    Effects of Fertilizer on Plant Growth

    This experiment clearly shows the impact of fertilizers on the growth of plants. Moreover, it tells about the impact too much and less ratio of fertilizer on the Plant Growth.

    Effect of Fertilizer on Plants
  • 10

    Separate Mixtures

    This is another simple experiment, describing the procedures of separating various mixtures. Conduct it in your science fair project and earn good grades.

    Seperate Mixtures
  • 11

    Measure Air Pollution

    Air pollution can have some severe negative impacts on the life of living things. Select this idea for your science fair project and let the people know how air pollution can affect your life.

    Measure Air Pollution
  • 12

    Effect of Detergent on Plant Growth

    Detergents are combination of harsh chemicals that can affect the growth of plants. Conduct this experiment in order to proof this fact.

    Effects of Detergents on Plant Grwoth
  • 13


    This is a simple test to show the process of osmosis. It requires few common laboratory equipments and 2 to 3 hours to get the desired results.

    Osmosis Experiment
  • 14

    How Music Affects Plant Growth

    Just think about it, you get to play your much loved music strident and your parents can ask you to slow it down or to switch it off just because it’s like “I am working on my science project dead parents!” No doubt it’s cool. This experiment simply shows the impact on music on the growth of plants.

    Music Affect Plants
  • 15

    Make Fahrenheit Thermometer

    This try out is helpful in making your own Fahrenheit Thermometer in your science fair project that you can use to find the external temperature.

    Make Fahrenheight Thermometer
  • 16

    Investigate the Size of Parachute and Object Falling Rate

    This simple experiment of Investigating the Size of Parachute and Object Falling Rate is very simple to carry out and a creative idea to surprise your competitor students in the science fair project.

    Size of Parachute and Object Falling Rate
  • 17

    Investigate Harmful Effects of Acid Rain

    Rain dissolves many harmful gases in the air on its way to the earth and thus become acidic. The acid rain can have negative impact on the living things on the earth. Majority of people who do not read science are hardly aware of this important aspect of our life. Therefore, the science fair project is your chance to let others know about it. Perform this simple experiment in order to investigate the harmful effects of Acid Rain.

    Acid Rain
  • 18

    Acid Base Neutralization

    Acid can destroy things within no time. However, you can reduce its effect with the help of neutralization that is basically the reaction between an acid and base. Get an idea onhow to conduct Acid Base Neutralization experiment and show your interest in the field of chemistry.

    Acid Base Neutrilization
  • 19

    Make a Lava Lamp from a Water Bottle

    Have you ever got fascinated by the lava lamps from the shop’s counters? How about making your own one? All you need is transparent water bottle, oil food coloring and Alka-Seltzer tablet. Get an idea from this experiment and perform it in your science fair projects.

    Lava Lamp from a Water Bottle
  • 20

    Newton Laws of Motion

    Sir Isaac Newton was one among the best and multitalented scientists of the world. In order to remember this great scientist, you can conduct his three famous laws of motion in your science fair project.

    Newton Laws of Motion

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