How to Be Envied In School

Each one of us wants to be flawless, but achieving perfection is not an easy thing. You have to be mentally strong enough to cope with the challenges in life and look into some important things.

Let’s say you are a cricketer and want to become successful. What would you do? Reaching the highest level is not an easy task and you will have to work extremely hard in order to perform at the domestic level.

Once you have done that, the next step would be to deliver the same sort of results with consistency at the highest level. If you fail to do that, no one will consider you as one of the top class performers in the sport.

However, imagine if you become successful in what you are doing, people will start envying you. They will look to do better than you, but it will not be an easy task for them to reach the same level of fitness and skill you have achieved over so many years.

Not only will your opponents envy you, but your team-mates would also be in a similar state, as they are also human beings. No one wants to be known as the second best in any field of life.

Similarly, a student wants to do well in school and wants others to envy him/her. He can reach perfection by working hard. His schoolmates will look to beat him in studies, sports and whatever field he/she chooses.

Other than working on your studies, you will have to perform several other tasks in order to be the best of the lot. You just need to divide your time accordingly and work hard to reach your goals.


  • 1

    Be nice to everyone

    Although you would want others to envy you, yet it is important for you to stay positive in your behaviour. Be nice to the teachers, staff and your schoolmates, so that no one has any issues with your attitude.

  • 2

    Look after your appearance

    It is important to present yourself in a decent way. So keep your clothes, shoes and body clean. You should never allow others to say something bad about your appearance, so never give them an opportunity.

  • 3

    Focus on your studies

    The most important thing will be to focus on studies. If you get the best grades, your schoolmates will definitely envy you. So continue working hard and never compromise on education.

  • 4

    Exercise to stay fit

    Do some exercises in order to keep your body fit. Other than that, eat healthy food too.

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