How to Connect a Canon Video Camera

There are a number of models of Canon cameras available in the market. However, almost all of them use at least one of three different methods to connect to computer systems or televisions. In the meantime, all the televisions and computers do not contain all the ports required to connect such devices. Yet, they do contain at least one of them, because of their regular usage by such device making companies.

So, if you have Canon camera and you want to connect it with your computer or TV, then you may need to check what ports are available in your device and the other system.


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    You can use USB data cable to connect your camera with computer. For that purpose, you will need to connect one end of the USB data cable with your camera, and the other end with your computer. Now turn on your camera and your computer will detect it and will start installing it. If it asks you to insert driver’s disk, then you should insert the disk that came with the camera, to finish the installation process. You can now see the contents of the camera on your computer screen.

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    You can also connect the camera using FireWire connection port. Check if the port is available in your computer. It looks almost same as USB port. However, its one end is slightly curved, with “Y” written at its side.

    The FireWire connection port transfers data fast compared to USB. Therefore, if you have FireWire connection port installed in your computer, then you should prefer using the FireWire data cable to connect your camera with it. Just connect one end of the cable with your camera and the other one with your computer. Turn your camera on and your computer will detect it.

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    If you want to connect your camera with television, then you can do it by using HDMI cables or USB. Recent models of televisions contain both these ports. If you have an old model of television, then you may need to use 3.5mm to RCA cable to connect the camera with it.

    Insert the 3.5mm jack of the cable into the “Video Output” port of your camera and connect the other end with the “Video In” port of the television. Turn on your camera and TV, and tune it accordingly, using your remote.

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