How to Correct a Slice Golf Shot

Golf can be placed in the category of precision sports. The aim is to hit a golf ball into a series of holes using the fewer strokes than the opponent. Players, new to the game, often tend to slice the golf ball instead of hitting it square. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques which prove helpful at fixing this problem. That being said, you will need to practice for an extensive amount of time before you can fix a slice in your golf club.

Things Required:

– Golf club
– Golf ball


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    An important step towards fixing your slice in a golf swing is to address the golf ball properly. You are making a big mistake if you open up your left shoulder in order to get a good look at a flying golf ball because it alters the angle of your club’s handle at the point of impact with the ball, which results in the ball veering left to right. If you want the golf ball to fly straight, one the most important things is to keep your shoulder square to the target.

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    Keep your grip as firm as possible. If your grip is loose, there is a fair chance that the ball will go off course, because the club head will slip upon impact with the ball.

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    Avoid increasing the speed of your hands while swinging the golf club. The power for swinging the golf club has to come from your hips and your hands need to move at a constant speed. If that is not the case, squaring the golf ball when it makes contact with the club would become impossible.

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    Make sure that your golf club does not come from the outside and goes across the ball. Instead, the ideal technique is to come under and through the ball.

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    Golfers often tend of slice the golf ball instead of hitting it squarely because of their desire to see a shot fly down the fairway by keeping the head lifted. To prevent this from happening, keep your head as low as possible while swinging the golf ball.

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