How to Dry Out a Wet Cell Phone

In old days, people did not have enough means to communicate with each other, so the best thing they used to do was writing letters to distant family members, friends and loved ones. This process consumed a lot of time and in this day and age, we can’t even imagine waiting for so many days just to send a simple message to someone.

Thanks to technology, nowadays we can communicate with anyone through cell phones quite easily. We can either make a call or contact others through Short Messaging Service (SMS).

Can you imagine life without a cell phone? None of us will ever think about it, until we get a better replacement in the future. However, there can still be some situations, where you have to cope without this wonderful device because of an accident, like dropping the phone into water. This can ruin it completely, but there are some steps, which can be taken to prevent your gadget from complete destruction.

Although there is no guarantee that your cell phone will start working after it has dropped into the water, yet you can give it a try to see if serious damage can be prevented. However, you will have to react quite quickly.

If you are unaware of this situation for more than 5 to 15 minutes, you will most probably have to spend more dollars on repairs or buying a new cell phone.


  • 1

    Remove the cell phone from water immediately

    If the cell phone has dropped out of your hand in the swimming pool or the sink, take it out of there as soon as possible. If it stays there for more time, you will not be able to save it from damage.

  • 2

    Switch off quickly

    Once you have removed the phone from water, make sure to switch it off immediately, if it is still functional. The cell phones are covered by solid covers, which don’t allow water to get in quickly, but it eventually finds the space.

  • 3

    Remove the battery, sim and memory card

    After switching the cell phone off, remove the battery from it. Some of these gadgets work without a sim and memory card, but if they are there, make sure that you remove them too.

  • 4

    Blow dry the phone

    You can blow dry the phone in order to get rid of the moisture in it. This technique is quite useful and will work if the water has not already caused any serious damage to your device.

  • 5

    Test your cell phone

    Once you have dried it properly, test your phone whether it is still working or not.

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