How to Get Rid Of a Bee Hive On The Tree

Do you have a beehive in your backyard? Have you realized that they can be bothersome for your family members and pets as they sting when annoyed? Cheer up! Here is the simple and perfect solution you all have been waiting for. Go through the quick guide and get rid of the beehive on the tree successfully. Do not have a soft corner for bees at all thinking that they are social insects and provides you with natural honey. You can buy honey from your nearest market but the security of your family is not available in the market. A bee sting leaves you cursing for days. Sometimes under you breathe and sometimes loud enough. At times, you can even hear bees buzzing in sympathy after they hunt you down. You do rightly deserve the deepest sympathies if the bees develop a fancy for your home and setup their hive on the trees within your area.


  • 1

    Locate the beehive

    Inspect the area and find out the exact location of the bee hive. You can follow the interesting sounds of the bees to get to their hive.

  • 2

    Find the entrance of the beehive

    Once you locate the beehive, try to find out its exact entrance from where they get in and out.

  • 3

    Select an insecticide

    Select one of the good quality insecticides with qualities to kill bees. Go through all its instructions carefully to get a clear idea how to use it. Also, purchase a projectile to get to the hive in the tree easily.

  • 4

    Put on the protective clothing

    Now, put on the protective gear used by the bee caretakers or simply wrap your whole body with thick clothing, covering yourself from head to toe.

  • 5

    Finalize operation timing

    Make sure to operate and destroy beehive is the late afternoon as you can find majority of them in the hive (and not overly aggressive).

  • 6

    Approach the beehive and spray

    Carefully approach the beehive and spray the insecticide into the entrance. Now cover the opening of the hive with a used towel or a piece of thick cloth in order to keep the insecticide trapped inside the hive until all of them die.

  • 7

    Wait for the response

    Wait for some time, may be overnight, and observe the bee activities. If you find bees flying around, then go through the same process again until you destroy all of them completely. However, if you do not observe any bee activities, put the beehive down with the help of a large stick or the handle of a broom.

  • 8

    Dispose the beehive

    Put the pieces of the destroyed beehive into large garbage and dispose it.

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