How to Get Rid of Flies in the House

Having flies in house is not only irritating but at the same time can prove to be a lope hole for a number of diseases like cholera, dysentery, parasitic worms, salmonella and tuberculosis. As they are contaminated with filth and land on your food, therefore they transfer harmful germs that may result in any of the mentioned diseases. There is no way to completely eliminate or get rid of these flies from a certain area. Ensuring cleanliness is the best thing to do for keeping the flies away from your house and surroundings. In addition to that, you can take few easy measures, which help to get rid of flies in the house.


  • 1

    Cover the food

    Make sure that no food sources are left open or uncovered anywhere in your house as they not only attract flies but also at the same time promote growth of larvae.

  • 2

    Block the Light

    As it gets darker with night approaching, close all the doors, windows and all other inlets of your house. Since flies are attracted towards light, so it is better to block the light with curtains.

  • 3

    Fly Screens and Nets on Windows

    The windows around kitchen and waste areas should be fitted with fly screens or nets in order to block flies from entering your house.

  • 4

    Washing Utensils after dining

    Do not forget to wash all the utensils thoroughly at the end of meal. Once you wash them, wipe them dry and cover them completely.

  • 5

    No liquid Spillage in the house

    Ensure that there is no liquid spillage anywhere in your house or should be immediately cleaned if any. Besides, clean the food remains or particles lying close to the kitchen appliances.

  • 6

    Rubbish Bins with tight seals

    If there are rubbish bins in the house, they should have tight seals or covers and the compost should also be kept covered.

  • 7

    Clean drains and gutters

    Keep the drains of your house clean, treating them with bleach on daily basis. Additionally, make sure that gutters and water gullies are covered and there is no blockage in them.

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