How to Get Rid of Static Cling

On a day when humidity is pretty low, you may have noticed your clothes sticking together to form a rumpled mess. Upon touching anything after wearing such clothes, you may have found yourself getting zapped. The reason behind the odd behaviour of your clothes and body is static electricity.

Low humidity, and thus drier air, facilitates the build up of electrons between light fabrics when they rub against each other, causing them to become statically charged. This build up of static electricity causes fabrics to stick to each other and the wearer’s body, a tendency which is known as static cling. The built-up charge is suddenly released when a person touches something – thus the zapping.

You can get rid of static cling through some very simple methods. Keep in mind that the best way to counter static cling is to minimise the build-up of static electricity to begin with.

Things Required:

– Humidifier
– Lotion
– Water
– Fabric conditioner
– Spray gun
– Shoes without rubber soles


  • 1

    Get a humidifier fitted in the room where you typically change clothes. The household appliance will increase the level of humidity in that room, which will consequently prevent the build up of electrons as you get dressed. You do have the option of dressing up in the bathroom, but there is a huge risk of your clothes getting wet when you attempt to do that.

  • 2

    In order to prevent static cling between your clothes and undergarments, put a light layer of lotion over the latter. Women should especially treat their hosiery with lotion, as the likes of stockings and pantyhose have a huge tendency of clinging to outer garments like skirts.

  • 3

    Make a dilute solution of water and fabric conditioner and use a spray gun to spray it over your clothing. The solution will keep the electrons from building up and consequently prevent static cling.

  • 4

    Instead of wearing shoes with a rubber sole, go for shoes with a sole of another material. Rubber is an insulating material, which keeps your body from discharging. By wearing shoes without a rubber sole, you will allow the electrons to pass through your feet into the ground instead of remaining trapped in your body and causing a zap every time you touch someone or something.

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