How to Go Backstage at a Concert

You are in love with the character that you are going to witness live on stage at some area near your house. He/she is a celebrity and wouldn’t talk to you because of the security threats. Moreover, celebrities have tight schedule and a lot of guards to keep them away from general crowd. It is a ridiculous feeling to witness a celebrity crush of your life performing in front of you live at the stage but you are unable to go meet him and buy few most precious moments of your life from them. However, a risky trick to go backstage and have a little meeting cameo is a possibility if you have got the guts and courage to do it right.


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    Understand the venue and everything that is surrounded by the stage. Know the paths to each part of the building and understand the routes clearly. You have to know where the backstage characters go to wait for their turn or makeover or changeover etc. Guards are stamped at most of the locations so you need to know the danger that you are going to face by entering the wrong place of the venue which is usually reserved for the performers/celebrities.

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    Know someone in the staff especially the security guards can help you a lot. So befriend one of them and your life will be much easier. You can also befriend any other entity who will be willing to go an extra mile to help you meet your celebrity crush. Maybe the attachment or close friendship with the owner of the club or the employees working there will be a help to you.

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    Conduct a thorough research about the performer’s arrival and departure timings. You need to know when he will enter the venue and when he will leave. It will help you to locate the exact timing when you need to be at the backstage or with a friend who will help you meet your virtual soul mate. You need to know what they like to eat or something that will lure them in chit chatting with your for a while. A dedicated poster will also work. You have to browse about their likings and find something that will attract them.

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    Sneak out to the backstage and ask for your friend at the time of the arrival of the performer. Talk with them. Mission accomplished!

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