How to Grow Snowflake Crystals Using Dry Ice

Crystals are chemical objects that can be prepared by simple solutions. The solutions that are used in the process are saturated ones and these must be left over the passage of time to get evaporated. Dilute solutions may also be used for the process as they eventually turn into saturated ones after some time due to the process of evaporation coming into play. Dilute solutions lose the liquid that is present in them after the passage of time and the solution automatically turns into a saturated one. Crystals are widely used these days in many aspects, the most common one being decoration purposes. Crystals can be formed in almost all colours and the ones that are formed in white colours are termed as snowflake crystals. These also carry the same procedure as the normal process in the formation of the crystals but the only difference is that the parent solution used for the crystal formation must be the appropriate one. The process is a simple one although, and going through the steps that have been mentioned here, one will successfully form the white snowflake crystals.


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    The first step that must be carried out for the formation of snowflake crystals is that the solvent must be selected for the process. This solvent must be the proper one and should yield white crystals.

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    After this you will have to get a soda bottle for the process to be carried out. Firstly poke a hole in the centre of the bottle and after that poke 4 more holes in the side of the bottom.

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    Now you have to thread the fishing line through the needle in the apparatus. Now push the needle in the hole in the bottom of the bottle and through the sponge that has been placed earlier.

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    Next attach the fishing line to the bottom of the bottle with a tape, and also tie a knot at the other end to hold. Make sure that as the soda bottle is inverted and reassembled, the string should swing freely inside the bottle.

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    Now you have to let the apparatus cool down with time. As the apparatus cools down, the crystals of the solvent will start to form. The greater the time is given to the crystals to form and settle, the larger will be the snowflakes’ size. After the desired amount of snowflakes has been formed, remove them from the apparatus and use them for the desired purpose.

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