How to Hire a DJ in Connecticut

Connecticut is the southernmost state of United States and it is famous for the festive, joyous and full-of-life nature. When it comes to celebrations, nothing is complete without music. If you are planning a party in Connecticut then don’t forget to hire a disk jockey (DJ).

You will see how well the DJ sets the mood of the party and provides musical entertainment. However, you must pick the right person for the job otherwise it will be a waste of money. Finding a good DJ in Connecticut can be difficult but a couple of simple suggestions can make things lot easier.


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    What is our budget:

    First and the foremost thing you should do is to decide how much you can expend for this musical entertainment. A normal DJ charges $1000 to $2500 in Connecticut. If you can spare that much money then start making a list of DJs.

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    Browse Internet:

    Nowadays, the internet has become the most authentic and instant source of information so you should go online to find an experienced disk jockey. There are many websites that maintain the record of DJs in Connecticut. Moreover, many DJs also maintain their fan pages and official websites so using the internet can be really productive.

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    To compile a list of DJs, read local newspapers of Connecticut as they are always filled with classified ads. You may find a good and economical DJ through party planners as they also have an up to date list of popular DJs.

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    Contact local talent promoters:

    There are many talent promoters or agencies in Connecticut and you can get an experienced DJ without putting much effort. However, you will have to spend more money as these agents will ask you for their commission.

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    Ask your friends:

    If you do not want to pay extra money to the agent then you should ask friends who have experienced a DJ’s performance firsthand. This will not only save you from any blunder but you also will be able to negotiate with the DJ tactfully.

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    Attend DJ’s function:

    If you are hiring a stranger then it is always better to attend that DJ’s function before giving an advance. There are always a lot of happenings in Connecticut. Visit any party, check the selection of songs, crowd’s response, DJ’s professionalism and the versatility in the tracks.

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    Tell your requests:

    Now, when you have picked the person for job, hand over a list of songs that you want your DJ to play at the party.

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