How to Lead a Book Club Discussion

Whether you have been selected or expected to be chosen for leading a book club discussion, come to the meeting venue fully prepared. It is not about just starting the discussion and then leave the matter on rest of the members, you are more likely to be asked question about your point of view on subject matter or theme of the book. The job is not difficult because all the members are expected to be from the same knowledge group, but some of them can be quick to grasp ideas presented in the book.

There is no escape from it, you should prepare yourself thoroughly. For example, it is better you prepare notes, note down key points and themes in the book and outlined the ideas you want to bring on the discussion table. It is not to impress other members but to give a comprehensive overview of the book and the subject it is written on. Also, try to read some related material from other resources, for example, newspapers articles or internet search. This will give you an edge to dominate your view, and since almost all members are expecting you to present your thought about what you have read, an extra effort can really impress with the level of sincerity you have shown to learn and then tell them on the subject.


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    Read Book Thoroughly

    Reading of the book must have been decided at the previous meeting of the book club, so it is your responsibility now to read the book thoroughly. Reading is knowing and if you know enough you can talk about it enough.

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    Concentrate Some Parts More Than Others

    Although reading the entire book is essential, you can concentrate the start and ending of the book more, because these two parts are most likely to throw a light on the subject matter in totality. You can learn more with a little effort by concentrating on these two parts.

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    Make Notes

    It will be difficult to remember each and every idea you have read in the book, so you can note down important points on a piece of paper and then can follow your discussions while presenting each one of them at the meeting.

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    Research Other Resources

    While reading the entire book will help your cause of leading the discussion, it is even more helpful to read related material from other resources such as internet and newspapers. This will add to your knowledge on the subject.

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    Think of Questions After Reading

    After you have read the book and secondary resources, think of questions that can arise or you think are left without answers. You can either look for their answers or make a list of them to discuss at the meeting.

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