How to Hover On a Spinning Bike

Over the past few decades, cycling has gained popularity all over the world. If cycling is your passion, you can practice it indoors on a spinning bike before actually competing in a professional cycling tournament. Spinning bikes remain stationary while you hover on them which allow you to concentrate on your cycling techniques in order to further improve. Excess physical exertion is a must while you hover on a spinning bike. Here is how you can avoid putting useless strain on your body while you hover on a spinning bike.


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    Pedal the spinning bike at a constant rate. Utilise about 60 to 70 percent of your total energy. This will ensure that you are pedalling at brisk pace without actually sprinting.

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    Adjust your back so that it is as flat as possible. The ideal hovering stance is with your back nearly parallel to the floor. Even though this is a difficult position to maintain but there is no alternate way to hover a spinning bike.

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    An important practice to hover a spinning bike is to constantly move your hands up and down the handlebars depending on where most pressure is being exerted by your body. To keep your upper arms relaxed, extend your hands as far away from your body as possible while gripping the handlebars.

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    Make sure that you backside is positioned correctly. The ideal hovering position of your backside is just above the seat of the bike. If you want to adjust the position of your backside, make sure that you grasp on the handlebars before doing so.

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    Keep your elbows as close as possible to your belly. To hover a spinning bike will become nearly impossible if you let your elbows move outwards. Apart from keeping your elbows in, you need to keep arms as tight as possible to avoid extra strain in a hover.

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    Maintain a front posture and avoid looking sideways because looking sideways will distract you. Avoid looking at the handlebars in a hover and make sure that you keep your head up. Keep in mind that spinning is the perfect simulation of riding a bike outdoors. Maintain a posture as if you were doing a real time hover.

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