How to Make a Fashion Design Notebook

The world of fashion design is one that is highly competitive. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and the case is not different in the worlds of fashion design. All these designers are looking to get the upper hand on their opponents, and they are willing to do just about anything to make this happen.

With so many people stealing each other’s ideas, and with it becoming very hard to safeguard your ideas, it is a smart idea to create a notebook, where you store and save all your designs.

No one is going to suspect you keeping your very best designs in a notebook, which is why it seems like the smartest place to actually store them.


  • 1

    Get notebook

    The first step to creating this fashion design notebook, is to actually go out and get the notebook. Now this notebook needs to be unlike any other notebook.

    It has to have plain pages as opposed to those with lines in it. This way, you are going to have ample space to draw out your ideas without any interference, while you can also easily write any important data into the blank pages.

    Make sure the paper in the book is of high quality, since you don’t want to get caught with bad paper quality in public.

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    After you have gotten your notebook, you need to go ahead and clearly label and indicate just what the book is all about.

    Now some people might go with the traditional route and label it as their fashion design notebook, but this is not the smart route to take.

    In fact, you should opt to put a misleading title on the book. You could label it history of illnesses, or something along those lines.

    This way, no one is going to be looking to take a peek at the book, and they would be more than happy not to try and steal if off you.

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    Tell everyone to back off

    Now this book is going to be the centre of your universe. As a result, you can’t have it go missing at any point in time while you are in the world of competitive fashion design.

    This is why you need to tell everyone to stay away from you and your book, or there might be some problems that could take place later on.

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