Learn How to Draw People for Kids

You are expecting some guests at home and accordingly busy in the kitchen preparing something special. Somehow your kids are bugging you continuously and not letting you concentrate on your work. There is no way you would like to spoil the under cooked dish but at the same time cannot leave your kids unattended. To engage your kids into something interesting it is good to make them do some coloring stuff. Kids usually like to draw pictures of the acquainted faces may it be from the cartoons or a face from real life. If you want your kids to color some faces of people they are familiar with it is good that you know about drawing them first.


  • 1

    First of all you should decide what type of people you would like to draw for your kids to fill color in. It is good to make some real people faces for the kids for building up their sense of creativity.

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    If you draw a family, it is good to draw a man, his wife and two kids so as to make a complete family. You can make it interesting by relating the drawn family by yours.

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    To draw a man, you should make sure that he should have a matured look with no boyish style. The hairs and dressing should be drawn accordingly.

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    For drawing picture of a wife, it could be a woman dresses up like most mothers. The hairstyle could be any of the existing ones as well as the dressing.

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    Finally the kids can be drawn preferably in a way that they look younger and smaller than the parents. A boy could be wearing shorts and the girl can have a long skirt or frock.

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