How to Landscape an Above Ground Pool

There are numerous ways through which you can landscape an above ground pool. You can decorate the surrounding area and give it a beautiful look with in a host of ways. Landscape the area with the help of trees and plants is one way. You can also use granite tiles or a fence around the area. Another unique way would be to fill the surrounding area with sugar sand to give a brilliant beach look. Try the way you want to and add to the scenic beauty of your garden or backyard.


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    Grow trees and plants around the pool

    You can set a landscape of trees and plants around the above ground pool. You can you large clay pots for this purpose and grow plants in them. Make sure you use the space around the pool nicely and grow trees or plants at a considerable distance from each other. Try to plant herbs which can grow quick so that they have the desired effect.

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    Build a fence around the pool

    Another way would be to build a fence around the pool. This would add to your privacy in a way also. For a unique idea, cover half of the area around the pool with fence and leave the other half open. The open area can be your courtyard or your garden.

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    Use granite around the pool

    You can use granite tiles around the pool. This will add t the beauty as granite tiles can be found in a variety of colours. Choose a colour that best suits you and purchase it from a landscaping company nearby. The granite tiles are slippery so make sure you are careful while walking out of the pool.

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    Give a beach effect

    Another unique idea would be to cover the surrounding area with beach sand. The sand can be purchased from a local landscaping company and you can give a nice beach effect to the area. Use beach umbrellas, chairs and benches to give the area a proper look. You can also place toys so that the children can also enjoy when they sit by the pool.

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