How to Make a Karsk Cocktail

Karsk cocktail indicates a liqueur coffee and is another elegant Norwegian cocktail. This simple cocktail is made from moonshine or vodka along with coffee and sugar.

Moonshine is the most preferred ingredients of Karsk cocktail. The main reason of using moonshine is that, it does not have any taste. In some of other countries, moonshine is replace by vodka and further topped with fresh cream. It is always best to serve the Karsk cocktail in a tumbler, which is a flat-bottomed cocktail glass made of metal, glass, or plastic. There is no need to garnish this drink, as its color itself is very attractive.

The word Karsk is mainly used in Norway, where there is a tradition to make this drink. This refreshing drink is prepared by placing a sugar cube or a coin at the bottom of cup or glass, and then the moonshine is poured into it. Therefore, if you are fascinated by the name and the ingredients used in the Karsk cocktail, then you should try it once.

This article contains the traditional Norwegian recipe of Karsk Cocktail and makes only one drink. However, you can increase the amount of all its ingredients according to your need.

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

Serving Size: 1

Utensils: Tumbler or cocktail glass and Copper coin


– 1 part of Coffee
– 2 parts of moonshine or vodka


  • 1

    Take a glass or coffee mug and place a copper coin at the bottom of it.

  • 2

    Now, add one portion of coffee in it until the coin is completely sunk in it.

  • 3

    Start adding the moonshine or vodka in it until the coin is again visible. This is the Norwegian style of making Karsk cocktail.

  • 4

    Your Karsk cocktail is ready to serve now. Enjoy!

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