How to Make a French Connection Cocktail

The French Connection Cocktail is a simple and easy to make yet delicious drink. It’s a perfect one to take after any meal or just to have a night time cap before going to bed. The drink is made by mixing Cognac and amaretto as liquor. The presence of Cognac introduces a warming effect into a chilled drink hence creates a perfect blend of warm and cold ingredients. It also creates a very nice flavour when mixed with amaretto liquor. The drink does not have too many ingredients because it belongs to family of high end drinks so chose a quality Cognac and liquor for this recipe to shoot. For Cognac it is suggested to get VSOP, XO or any other older version of it and while selecting amaretto, do not forget Gozio and Di Saronno.  This cocktail has another two variations as well, one is French Connection Coffee and the other one is the French Connection # 2.

Tools you will need: One large very old fashioned glass, stirrer

Preparation time: 3 minutes

Serving Size: 1


– 1 ½ ounces of Cognac
– 3 / 4 ounces of amaretto  liqueur
– Ice cubes as required


  • 1

    Add crushed ice in glass

    Take a large very old fashioned serving glass and add crushed ice cubes into it. You may use a sleek cocktail glass too if you don't like the old fashioned one.

  • 2

    Pour Cognac

    Now take 1 and ½ ounces of Cognac and add it into the glass.

  • 3

    Pour amaretto liqueur

    Now pour 3 / 4 ounces of amaretto liqueur in the glass and stir the ingredients thoroughly with the help of a stirrer.

  • 4


    Your refreshing French Connection Cocktail is ready to serve, serve chilled. You can further garnish it in case if you're presenting it to some guests!

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