How to Make a Plastic Foam Sculpture Doll

There is a vast variety of materials in which you can sculpture comfortably. However, some materials are easy to work with than others. For instance, sculpturing with foam and plastic is much easier than sculpturing with marble or other stones since foam and plastic put less strain on hands and you have the liberty to create a lot of beautiful things such as a doll. Here is what you will need to make a plastic foam sculpture doll.

Things Required:

– Plastic Foam Sculpture Doll
– Pins
– Scraping tool
– Glue
– Paint
– Paint brush
– Felt or other fabric


  • 1

    Purchase a plastic foam ball and create two indentions on either side of the ball with your thumbs. These indentions will serve as eyes of the doll so create the indentions at points along an imaginary horizontal line on the ball. The idea is to position the indentions correctly so that they can simulate the eyes of a doll.

  • 2

    Sculpture cheeks and nose with a scraping tool such as a scraping knife. Sculpture curved facial features with smaller plastic foam pieces. Keep in mind that making things out of the plastic foam is not an exact science, which is why you may not be able to do the carving to perfection.

  • 3

    Affix the plastic foam nose and cheeks onto the doll’s face using small quantities of glue. Using too much glue will ruin the finish of the doll. Wait for the glue to dry a little bit and then secure the head features in place with a few pins.

  • 4

    Wait until the glue that you used dries completely and then get rid of the pins that you used in the earlier step. Paint lips and eyes with a paintbrush. Apply a very small amount of cheek colour as well. This will impart a more natural look to the doll.

  • 5

    The doll is almost ready. The only thing that remains to be done is to make its cloth. You can use felt or any other fabric for making the clothes. You task is just about finished one you are done with the clothing and dressing part. Just pin a hat and your plastic foam sculpture doll is ready. You can go ahead and give the doll as a surprise gift to your child.

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