Perfect Scrapbook Layouts Thanks to Your Digital Camera

Achieving the perfect scrapbook layout is as easy as can be, as long as you remember a few simple tips when it comes to snapping the perfect snapshots with your digital camera.

Know your Camera’s Settings

I am always surprised when a friend or acquaintance receives a new digital camera. It is quite common that even after they have had it a while, they do not understand the most basic aspects of its operation. Sure, they might know how to turn it on and depress the shutter button, but not knowing how to use a flash is a common issue for example. Take the time to read the included user’s manual, no matter how mush you disdain them. With electronics, such as that new digital camera, there is actually a lot of information to be acquired from within the pages of it. Obtaining the perfect snapshot for your scrapbook could depend on how well you learn that manual.

Avoid Staging Photos

Staging a photograph may sound like the ideal way to get the shot you want, but it can often lead to stiff, unattractive snapshots. Instead, take numerous shots with your digital camera in a row, of the activity you are trying to capture. Try different settings, experimenting with the settings, both manual and automatic. With digital, you do not have to obsess about wasted film either. Just delete the ones that do not work. When you finally get the shot you want, your scrapbook layouts will definitely approve.

Try Taking Photos at Different Times of the Day

Soft morning light, bright afternoon sunlight, or in the evening as the sun settles low, will all offer very different perspectives of the same photograph. As stated before, wasted film is no longer an issue, so feel free to try capturing the photo you are after in different lighting situations. You might be pleasantly surprised at just what you are able to capture in a digital photograph just by taking it at different times of the day. Lighting can be so elusive too, that experimenting with it is often the only way to learn the subtle and not so subtle differences that different lighting situations can provide. Again, your scrapbook layouts will obviously be better presented for the time you took trying out the different lighting situations with your digital camera.

Alter those Photographs

There are so many ways to alter photographs in real life, such as distressing and cropping, but we are often afraid to ruin a photo. With a digital print, if you wreck it that bad, discard it and print a new one. While there will be some cost involved, it will not be nearly as much as running to the nearest photo center and having to have new ones printed. Altering photos for use in your scrapbook can be both fun and the ultimate way to personalize your next scrapbook layout.

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