Make a Tension Relief Pillow

You may have noticed tension relief pillows for sale in shopping malls and stores. These pillows are designed to drape around the neck or other areas of the body where the muscles are sore and tense. Tension relief pillows work very well to soothe sore, tense muscles. Although they provide sweet relief, the price can be quite salty.

Don’t spend a small fortune on a tension relief pillow. You can easily make a tension relief pillow that will soothe your sore aching muscles just as well if not better than tension relief pillows sold in stores. Best of all, you can make tension relief pillows containing scented herbs of your choice that will help you relax and greatly enhance your tension relieving experience.

The following easy instructions explain how to make a tension relief pillow. You’ll be amazed by the comfort this tension relief pillow provides, and you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to make. You’ll want to share the pleasure provided by a tension relief pillow with special friends and loved ones.

Consider making tension relief pillows to give as gifts to family and friends. Include one in a gift basket filled with products such as bath salts, essential oil, potpourri, aromatherapy candles, and other relaxation aides. This gift is remarkably easy to make, and it will keep on giving for many months.

Supplies & Instructions

To make a tension relief pillow you’ll need a long tube sock, a bag of rice, dried lavender, scissors, and ties to secure the ends of the sock. Ideas for ties include satin ribbon, leather, braided yarn, or strips of fabric.

Cut the cuff from the sock, and secure the open end with a tie of your choice. Cut off the toe of the sock, and fill it with a mixture of rice and lavender. Take care not to overfill the sock. Simply fill the sock with enough rice and dried lavender so it’s somewhat solid but still flexible. Once filled, secure the open end with a matching tie of your choice.

Optional Fillers

Optionally you can substitute rice with dried beans for a completely different sensation. Experiment with different types of filling to provide a different experience in tension relief. You’ll be amazed at the level of relaxation achieved with various fillers and scented herbs.

Aromatherapy Options

Instead of lavender, consider adding dried herbs and fillers such as mint, chamomile, cloves, eucalyptus, or flax seed. Besides adding a relaxing pleasant aroma, they’ll add texture and form. Potpourri can also be mixed with various fillers. Experiment by mixing various aromatic fillers to create just the right scent to soothe your senses.

Make it Warm or Cold

If you want to cool down on a hot summer day or after a strenuous workout, place a tension relief pillow in the freezer for about twenty minutes. You’ll cool down quick while relaxing tense muscles and aching joints.

If your muscles are sore, place your tension relief pillow in the microwave for about twenty seconds. Never microwave a tension relief pillow containing herbs or potpourri for more than twenty seconds at a time, and never leave it unattended while heating. You only want to warm the pillow to barely heat the contents and lightly release the scent. The dried beans or rice will hold heat for several minutes while you relax and enjoy your tension relief pillow.

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