How to Make a Successful School Club

Different clubs and societies in a school really polish up the creative and managerial skills of students. These clubs push them to unearth their hidden talents and get the most out of their abilities.

Most of the students think that being member of a successful club is enough to elevate their status among their friends but there are also those who don’t just follow but rather make their own way. They set new examples by establishing their own successful club.

Though, it is not easy to start from scratch and run a club successfully but anyone can do it if he/she is ready to put an extra effort with complete devotion.


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    First thing you should do is to come up with a unique idea. You must be clear about the nature of your club. Do extensive research, take help from the internet and conduct an in-house survey to decide what kind of club you will start. You should also think of a catchy name of your club.

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    Ask your teacher if there is any permission needed to make a school club. In case of any formal process, you should go to the administrative office and ask for required form. Fill out the approval forms carefully and attached all the required documents. You may seek help from clerical staff or your teacher.

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    Start inviting people to join your club. You should start from your close friends and then expand the circle by requesting your friends to invite others as well. However, you should set some standards to be member of this club as having too many members can also result in lots of conflicts and difference of opinions.

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    If the response is not according to your expectations then start advertising your club. Make a logo and motto of your club. Get it printed on a page, where the name and location of your club is also mentioned and paste it on the notice board.

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    Establish a governing body to run this club. There must be a president who will run the club and a vice president to look after the matters in the absence of leader of the house. Similarly, a general secretary, finance secretary and an information secretary should also be nominated. Do not impose your likes and dislikes rather let the club members vote for all the positions.

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    Plan your club’s activities for rest of the year and do inform all the members if there is any change in the schedule.

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    Consistency is very important to make your venture successful. Make an appropriate schedule and hold meetings regularly.

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