How To Make Edible Massage Oils

You can find a whole range of edible massage oils in the market, in almost any flavour you are interested in at a particular time. Still you can make your own edible massage oil with your own selected flavour that makes you feel as good as it smells. The process is simple and you can also have a control on the quantity. For example, if you want to use a particular flavoured edible massage oil and want to change your choice to another, that better suits your mood and feel, you do not have to be concerned about losing the huge quantity from the previous one. If you make a very small quantity in a particular flavour in one week and then change to another flavour next, you can easily do it, since all ingredients are in your control. You can control their quantity as much as you want, and also you can trust your own-made edible massage oil more than any of the same flavour you pick from the market. It does not take to be an expert work to make your own edible massage oil, you can achieve the task through a simple process. Just follow all instructions carefully and blend a right quantity of each ingredient.


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    Select Your Flavour

    First step for you to take towards making your own edible massage oils is to select the flavours you want or like the most. For example, you want vanilla and honey edible massage oil. You can certain pick others, as you will have varied choices and liking for the flavours. Your mood and feel at a particular time can also affect your choice about flavours. Just follow what you lime the most and want the most at that time.

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    Mix and Stir Basic Ingredients

    Once you are sure about your choice, for example, vanilla and honey flavour massage oil, take a small quantity of honey, glycerine and white vanilla flavouring into a bowl and blend them properly by stirring them for a while.

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    Add Edible Massage Oil

    After you mixed honey, vanilla and stirred into a bowl with glycerine, add edible massage oil into it. You can decide about the quantity but it should be a balanced amount. It should make the fluid too thick or too thin. You can practically see the blend with your finger or any small tool to verify the paste, if it is easily applicable on the body.

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    Bottle Oil and Ready for Use

    Once you have blended all the materials/ingredients in a bowl or any other pot, you can bottle it once it is properly stirred and mixed. It is easy to use the oil from bottle than bowl etc, and you can also put a lid on the bottle for safety purpose. The edible massage oil in your selected flavour is ready for use. You can use it any time you want.

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