How To Make a Milk Bath at Home

Milk Baths have a long and rich history. Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I of England, Elisabeth of Bavaria and many other renowned historical females were accustomed to take milk baths in order to get beautifying their body.

Apart from beautifying body skin, milk baths have several other benefits as well. It smoothens up one’s skin, it works as a relaxant to your muscles and it changes the appearance of the skin.

There are several spas in every country that offers the services of a genuine milk bath. However, one can easily make a milk bath at home by using daily routine items.

Things needed: Bath tub, large bowl, blender, cup, muslin bag.


3 cups of powdered milk

1/4 cup of oatmeal

1/4 cup of dried orris root

1/3 cup of cornstarch

1/3 cup of almond meal

1 capsule of vitamin E

3 muslin bags

Rubber bands or strings


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    Take a large bowl, and add three cups of powdered milk in it. Add ¼ cup of oatmeal to the powdered milk, and whisk them together properly. Milk has soothing effect on the skin while the oatmeal further aids in repairing dry skin.

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    Now, add ¼ cup of dried orris root, which will help improving the elasticity of your skin, in the powdered milk and oatmeal mixture. After adding dried orris root, add 1/3 cup of cornstarch in the mixing bowl, and continue stirring them together.

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    Add 1/3 cup of ground almond to the mixture, and whisk them together properly with a blender until the mixture becomes smooth. Now open the Vitamin E capsule, add the capsule oil in the batter. Mix all the ingredients properly.

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    Divide the mixture into three even parts, and add it into one separate muslin bag. Tie the neck of the bag with a rubber band or a string to secure the batter inside the bag. Drop the bag into running hot water in your bath tub before getting into the tub. Relax in the bath tub containing the milk for around 30 minutes.

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