How To Make Cinnamon Scented Oils

Many of nature’s products have multiple uses. They can be used as edibles, can be used for their fragrance and their wastes can be used for a variety of purposes. Humans have been exploring all these possibilities for ages now and in current day and age with the advent of all the technology that is aiding us, this process has indeed accelerated.

Cinnamon is one such product that many people love to use in their food. It has a pronounced fragrance that many like. It is used in many different dishes because of just that. You can use its fragrance as one that can be worn or can be used as a scent for the home.

The process is not very complicated and oil can be made with cinnamon scent.  This allows you to wear your favourite scent or be able to smell it around in your house.

Things Required:

– Cinnamon Extract
– Dypropylene Glycol
– Water


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    Mix Glycol and Extract

    The first step is to mix the dypropylene glycol with cinnamon extract. Take three ounces of both and mix them in a vial if possible. Seal the vial and shake well so that the solution is properly mixed. In case you do not have a container with a lid on top, mix the solution with a plastic spoon or knife until the mixture is completely mixed.

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    Mix with Water

    The next step is to mix the solution with water in order to dilute it. This mixture in raw form is quite dangerous and diluting it will reduce the smell. Add an ounce and a half of the mixture to water. Give it a bit of time to sit in and then mix the solution with water.

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    Heat for Aroma

    Now with the solution mixed and diluted, you can put it on a light burner or warmer so that the aroma can spread in your house. Make sure that the utensil in which the solution is being warmed is not cracked. The solution will soon start to boil and evaporate. The aroma will spread nicely in your home.

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    Use the Remaining Mixture

    Add the remaining mixture to about three quarters of a cup of water. Repeat the previous process and utilise the whole mixture within minutes of making it as it can get toxic if kept for a longer period of time.

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    Clean Utensils

    Make sure that you clean the utensils used in the whole process well and no residue is left on them. If any other disposable material were used, discard them at once.

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