How to Play a Super Audio CD

Sony and Philips developed Super Audio CDs (SACD) in 1999, allowing their users to enjoy high quality audio while playing music. You can record high quality audio to Super Audio CDs, which you cannot do with a normal CD. Therefore, its demand dramatically increased right after its release. One of the most important features it has includes surround-sound playback. In addition to that, Super Audio CDs have higher sampling rate, as well as increased frequency response, compared to normal CDs.

So, if you just purchased a new SACD, and do not know how to play it, then you have reached the right place, as this article will help you in enjoying the music on your SACD.


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    If you want to enjoy the higher sampling rate and increased audio quality offered in your Super Audio CD, then you will have to use a special player to get such results. You can also play Super Audio CDs on a normal CD player. However, you will not be able to take advantage of your SACD’s surround and other capabilities, as a traditional CD player will only read the CD layer of the disk, rather than reading the SACD layer. Therefore, you should purchase a SACD player, in order to get high quality output.

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    You can now hook up you SACD player, as per the instructions given in the owner’s manual that came with your player. Here, you should try to use HDMI output or digital coaxial on your new SACD player, when connecting with the surround sound receiver.

    In a bid to activate the surround sound, you should make sure that the speakers are set up properly. Connect each speaker to its corresponding port in the CD player.

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    Once you are done with setting up your SACD player, you can insert your SACD in it and press the play button. You will now feel a clear difference in the quality of the sound. The sound in SACD should be more natural compared to traditional CDs.

    If you want to further enhance the quality of the sound, you can adjust your SACD player’s equaliser settings. Different SACD players have different equaliser settings options. So, you can check your owner’s manual and adjust accordingly.

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