How to Publish Audio Books on Amazon

Technology has made life easier for everyone these days. There are a few people, who prefer things the old way, but that costs them plenty of time and money. For example, writing something manually demands a lot of effort. However, typing the same stuff in ‘Microsoft Word’ does not waste your energy and you don’t have to worry about your handwriting. Using technology would have been difficult in the initial days, when computers were not a commodity. Things have changed since then, as everything is user friendly and you don’t need special education for it.

There are people, who like writing books, as that helps them share their thoughts and ideas with common public. Although, writing down the stuff seems easy to them, the real headache starts when they have to get it published. They don’t have to worry at all though, as publishing books have been made easier with the help of the internet. Moreover, you can record the books in audio rather than writing them down, which makes it even easier for the buyer.

You might be wondering where to publish your audio books. Well there are options available on the web, but one of the best ones is ‘Amazon.’ You just need to create an account, and you will be able to take multiple advantages of it. It is quite an easy task and even children can perform it with ease. Amazon offers a service named, Kindle Direct Publishing, which will allow you to make your books publicly available. You just need to be aware of a few important things while going through this process.


  • 1

    Find the web address

    Rather than going to Amazon, you can log on to directly in order to make an account with kindle direct publishing. If you already have an account there, you will need to sign in to start the process. Otherwise, click on sign up and fill in the required information to get started.

  • 2

    Check your format

    Once you have made an account, check the format of your work. Amazon supports Word, ePub, plain text, Mobipocket, HTML, PDF, and rich text format. Therefore, make sure that you are using one of them.

  • 3

    Hit the add new button

    After you sign in, there will be an option available of add new. Hit that to upload your audio book.

  • 4

    Fill the details

    Enter all the necessary information about your book and publish it directly.

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