How to Prevent Dogs from Killing Your Chickens

Compared with today, in the previous decades, a very large percentage of families had a continuous access to fresh meat and eggs in shape of backyard chickens.

There are many people, who wrongly believe that raising chickens at home can be a daunting task. Sure there are a number of things which must be considered by the chicken owners with regard to their proper breeding, however once you get used to the practise it becomes a simple routine. Protecting the chickens against cats and other wild animals however still remains a major problem. This issue can be addressed if you a keep a dog, but then there is an equal chance of it killing the chickens.

However, there are many effective ways, which can be adopted to twist the killer instincts of  your dog and secure the chickens.


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    Lock the chickens in their hut before sleeping

    Many people like to set the dog free in the garden or the courtyard at night for security reasons. In this scenario, you should make sure that the chickens are properly locked in their hut. Place water and their food in a bowl inside the hut just to ensure that they don’t die of hunger while you are asleep.

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    Feed the dog regularly

    Most of the times, a dog tends to attack the chickens, when it is hungry. Therefore, you should properly take care of the dog’s diet and make sure that it is not hungry at ant time.

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    Tie a dead chicken with the collar of the dog

    If your dog has already killed a chicken, you can adopt a common technique, which is used by the dog and chicken owners. You need a rope or a string and the chicken which has been killed by the dog. Tie the string around the neck of the chicken and tie the other end to the dog’s collar and leave that as it is for a few days.

    Once the chicken’s carcass begins to smell and rot, the dog will naturally start to get frustrated with the tied chicken around its neck. Most of the times, this technique is more than enough to make sure that the dog stops getting attracted towards the chickens.

    Some dogs however do not respond to this trick and you should not take things for granted. Keep a close eye on the dog to judge if it still intends to attack the animals.

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