How to Remove a Griffin Ipad Case

Griffin is one of many Ipad case manufacturers and every year, it manufactures a variety of Ipad cases such as silicone or leather cases. Majority of the Griffin Ipad cases are very easy to remove but The Survivor, a widely used Griffin Ipad case is quite tricky and difficult to remove. But, when you know the right way to do a thing, nothing is too difficult.


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    Get rid of the desk stand on one of the Ipad corners by holding the Ipad in one hand and with the other hand, pulling the desk stand away from the Ipad. The desk stand will simply slide off the Ipad.

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    ‘The Survivor’ is manufactured by combining a soft silicone case and a hard inner case. Now you need to remove the soft silicone case. To do this, slip a finger beneath one of the top corners of the Ipad case. Once you establish a proper hold, pulling the silicone case towards the Ipad’s back will free the Ipad from the silicone case.

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    Hold the Ipad case at the corner you just removed and carefully pull at the case, progressively making your way towards the adjacent corner. Upon reaching the adjacent Ipad corner, repeat the first step. Continue to work in this way until you have removed desk stands from all four corners, at which point you will eventually be able to free the Ipad from the soft silicone case.

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    Now you just need to get rid of the hard inner case. Start working at the top of the Ipad. See where the two sides of the case meet at the back of the Ipad and place a thumb under each side of the Ipad. The joint will loosen up when you apply force against the inner case while moving your hands apart from each other.

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    Work similarly at the bottom joint. Pull apart the inner case, away from the Ipad until it is free from the case.

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