How To Remove Grease Stains Inside a Car Trunk

People always pay attention to keep their cars clean and for that purpose they always give it priority whenever they get a chance to remove the dust, mud or any stain that makes the car look shabby. However, the car trunk is the part that gets least attention as compared to other outer parts of the car. People always put spare tires, hydraulic jacks and other tool bones into the car trunk, so it getting dirty with grease is a routine.

However, the important thing is that many people do not even give a look inside the car trunk. It makes the inside of a car trunk the filthiest part of the vehicle. But there are also few people who take care of the car trunk as well by cleaning it with regular intervals. It is quite essential to clean it properly as it contains grease stains which are not easy to remove. Those people who want to remove the grease stains inside their car trunk can take guidance from this article.


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    First of all, you need to vacuum the car trunk from inside and it will remove the dirt from the surface. It can also remove a top layer of the grease.

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    Then you need to use a dishwashing solution to remove the grease as water will not do any help. This solution is easily available in all stores and is designed to strip the surface of grease. Use it for removing stains of your car and got a desired result.

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    Take a damp piece of cloth dipped into the solution and dab it lightly on the stained area of your car trunk. Do not put more weight on it as it will make the stain spread around and will become hard to remove them completely.

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    Use a scrub in circular movement in order to reduce or minimize the damage to the fabric. Rubbing it in a horizontal way can damage the fabric easily.

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    Now take another damp cloth and do the light dabbing again on the surface. It will help you in pulling up the grease stain quite easily.

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    After lifting off the stains from the surface, dry the trunk by leaving it opened for a couple of hours. Do not use hair dryer as its heat can also damage the surface of fabric.

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